We fell in love

The great glory of travel has brought us many things. A new city gives you gifts, the heart’s affection. Dekmantel is not about becoming the biggest player in the scene, or conquering the world. But there are exceptions to every rule. We met a foreign stranger that swept us off our feet.

And thus we fell in love. We fell in love with a city. We fell in love with its thriving music culture. We fell in love with its stunning architecture. We fell in love with a concrete jungle. We fell in love with a festival site that exceeds our wildest imagination. We fell in love with the heartwarming Paulistano’s. We fell in love with São Paulo.

On the 4th and the 5th of February 2017, we embark on a brand new intercontinental chapter. For the first time ever, Dekmantel Festival will travel from its beloved Amsterdam Forrest all the way to Brazil. Together with our dear friends from Gop Tun, we will share the Dekmantel experience with this dizzying South-American city.

Nestled away in the western part of São Paulo is the hippodrome The Jockey Club. Founded in 1875, the buildings are influenced by the world-famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Nowadays a trophy of late-thirties Brazilian chic, the racetrack and stands give a unique touch of class to the festival grounds. Dekmantel invites niche dance acts in an intimate setting during the day. At night, the party continues at Fabriketa, an old factory in the district of Brás.

Having that said, Dekmantel São Paulo will be a completely different experience compared to what we do in Amsterdam. While being respectful towards the local music community and its key players, we will serve up a weekender according to Dekmantel standards. In São Paulo we found a city that’s challenging, inspiring and extremely exciting. We can’t wait to return the favor.